in Myanmar no one ever dies of hunger – – Photo book for fund raising

PHOTO BOOK – Form for obtaining the book.

Travelling in Southern Asia it is possible to realize that there are communities and people less favoured about us in terms of nutrition, the fight against disease, and other social aggression.
On the other hand those who are part of these communities are often more favoured about us with regard to personal and social aspects.
I believe that those communities and those people are to help because, to maintain their values and improving the sustainability of their conditions, it is worldwide beneficial. This is a great example of honest Western selfishness!
It is better to help them directly and by making things happen on the spot.
I thought some of you might be interested in helping to make something happen and to activate your involvement therefore I distribute iconographic material. Donations will be put into a fund, the use of which will be posted on website Everyone who participates will be kept informed on the use of collected money, and of course, about the activities in place. In 2015, there are plans to act in countryside villages of Myanmar and of Northern Thailand but other locations may be considered as well.

Dicembre 2014

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